What can you learn about chiropractics from a cow?

cow gets chiropractic careChiropractic care for a cow?

Allow me to introduce you to Lucky a dairy cow from Wisconsin. Lucky’s owners noticed that she was limping for a few weeks when they called in their local vet.

What did the vet suggest?

If you were thinking of muscle relaxers and pain pills… I am sorry you would be wrong!

The veterinarian  prescribed a chiropractic adjustment with a cow spinal massage!

How did Lucky the cow like the treatment?

Notice whatthe article said:
“The cows tolerate it incredibly well,” said Gilbertson, the veterinarian.
“They may be apprehensive at first, until they figure out how good it feels.”

Farmers are willing to invest money into their cows health and happiness. They feel that it will produce happier and healthier cows which in return will produce healthier milk with less impurities and in greater quantities.


If a cow in pain can benefit from a chiropractic adjustment… How about you?

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