First time getting a chiropractic treatment?

First time getting a chiropractic treatment in Middletown NY?

if you live in the Middletown Ny area and you have NEVER been to a chiropractor before, then you are in for a TREAT of a guest article. Our guest author is a student that had NEVER had a chiropractor adjustment before.


As you can imagine she had the same concerns that you might have; nervousness, hesitations and maybe even anxiety.

As you read her article notice what she reports on her observations.


The benefits of a good back-crack

By: Kassie Klasen, Rosemount Town Pages

“My back has always hurt occasionally. It would flare up after sports, slouching in school or sitting at home while working on my computer.

I usually just cracked it myself, but recently my mom decided it was finally time to bring me to the chiropractor after all my back cracking. She set up the appointment and I was looking forward to it.

The day finally came. I had butterflies in my stomach as I began to think about the stories my mom told me about how your back cracks so many times. We stepped inside and sat in the waiting room for a few minutes until the chiropractor called us into the room.

Inside, there was a chair, a cushioned table and his desk with a computer. I made my mom go first so I could see what was going to happen. He went through the process and my mom looked at me and said, “Your turn” as she smiled.”

As you can imagine Kassie must have been a little nervous.

What would happen next? Lets let her tell the rest of the story…

“I sat down and he asked me questions about when my back hurt and where. I sat up straight and he checked the alignment of my back. I lay down on my stomach on the table and he took a big black back massager and rubbed my back for a few minutes. He gave me some directions. I breathed in, held it for a second, and as I breathed out he pushed down on my middle back and it cracked. I did it two more times and it cracked several more times. Next, I lay on my back and he took my leg and brought it to the other side of my body. My lower back cracked and he continued to the other side. Last, he cracked my neck and gave me some exercises to stretch my back. I left the chiropractor with a smile, feeling great.

I love trying new things. Like my first time driving, volunteering or even fishing. This time, though, it inspired me. In my English class, we were exploring an online program to guide you to your career choice. I was thinking about what career choice I wanted to take. I then remembered, the chiropractor was pretty interesting. I added it to my list of career paths I wanted to take.

I know I write about trying new things a lot with my columns, but trying new things can lead to great things. And these great things are making the world a better place.”

Kassie Klasen is a freshman at Rosemount High School. Her column appears every other week.

Kassie reports that she “left the chiropractor with a smile, feeling great.”

If you are suffering from back aches, neck aches, head aches and repetitive stress injuries then don’t you think its time to feel better also?

Schedule an appointment with a Middletown Ny chiropractor so that you too can leave “the chiropractor with a smile, feeling great.”