Case studies

“I was worried that a chiropractor would use the right adjustments to relieve my pain. But then I went to Dr. Romano, he treated my injury area as well as my whole body. To this day, it is the only way I know to relieve my neck, back and hip pain. I felt relief on my first visit and have had only had positive results to help me live a life with less pain for 11 years. I appreciate his willingness to see me anytime I need help!”

Amy Write, Middletown NY


“I really appreciate the relief from my pain in my back and hip joint. Dr. Romano’s methods seem to help me very much. I would recommend anyone who need pain relief to see him first.  Thank you for your thorough pain management relief.”

Ronald from Middletown NY


“I needed a Middletown chiropractor because I just moved here from Atlanta. I interviewed several chiropractors before choosing Dr Romano. Whereas other chiropractors
spend 30 seconds with you and only adjust your neck, Dr. Romano spends as much time as necessary to help me stretch the areas that are causing my discomfort and then adjusts all of the areas that are out of alignment. Highly recommended.”
F. Cheshire from Middletown NY

“I have known Dr. Romano for many years and have never once been disappointed. He has always been compassionate and caring and willing to listen. Recently I had a problem that I went to many other specialists for and Dr. Romano was the only one that took action and fixed the problem. I regularly recommend him to friends, family and neighbors and everyone loves him. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for excellent care!”

Cindy from Middletown NY


“Dr. Romano was recommended to me by my mother. She is very happy with him and knew that I had been suffering with sciatica. He is very nice and answers any questions you have. He also takes the time to explain everything he is doing and why. He is helping me a great deal. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great chiropractor.”

Mrs Green from Middletown NY


Dr. Romano has been my chiropractor for many years. His initial exam & taking of patient history was very through. In addition to treating me in the office he has provided insights into ways to prevent injuries and maintain flexibility. The office atmosphere is friendly & welcoming, yet totally professional. I do not hesitate to recommend Dr. Romano’s services.

Nancy Anderson from Middletown NY


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